Where's My Refund?

When will you receive your refund?

The answer depends on how you filed your return. The IRS should issue your refund check within six to eight weeks of filing a paper return. If you use e-file, your refund should be issued between two and three weeks.

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Storing Tax Records: How Long is Enough?

Record Retention Guide

Federal law requires you to maintain copies of your tax returns and supporting documents for three years. This is called the "three-year law" and leads many people to believe they're safe provided they retain their documents for this period of time.

However, if the IRS believes you have significantly underreported your income (by 25 percent or more), or believes there may be indication of fraud, it may go back six years in an audit. To be safe, use the following guidelines.

Personal Documents To Keep For One Year:

Bank Statements

Paycheck Stubs (reconcile with W-2)

Canceled checks

Monthly and quarterly mutual fund and retirement contribution statements (reconcile with year end statement)

Personal Documents To Keep For Three Years:

Credit Card Statements

Medical Bills (in case of insurance disputes) 

Utility Records

Expired Insurance Policies 

Personal Documents To Keep For Six Years:

Supporting Documents For Tax Returns

Accident Reports and Claims

Medical Bills (if tax-related)

Property Records / Improvement Receipts

Sales Receipts

Wage Garnishments

Other Tax-Related Bills

Personal Records To Keep Forever:

CPA Audit Reports

Legal Records

Important Correspondence

Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Payment Checks

Investment Trade Confirmations

Retirement and Pension Records

Special Circumstances:

Car Records (keep until the car is sold)

Credit Card Receipts (keep with your credit card statement)

Insurance Policies (keep for the life of the policy)

Mortgages / Deeds / Leases (keep 6 years beyond the agreement)

Pay Stubs (keep until reconciled with your W-2)

Property Records / improvement receipts (keep until property sold)

Sales Receipts (keep for life of the warranty)

Stock and Bond Records (keep for 6 years beyond selling)

Warranties and Instructions (keep for the life of the product)

Other Bills (keep until payment is verified on the next bill)

Depreciation Schedules and Other Capital Asset Records (keep for 3 years after the tax life of the asset)